IMPORTANT:    A number of tutorials are now available for your use in reviewing for your Board Certification Examination. Please feel free to review the tutorials and to take the self-grading tests as often as you wish (see list at bottom of this web page). There is no charge to use these tutorials unless you wish to obtain CE Credit.

Receiving Your CE Credit:
If you have taken one of the tutorials, received a score of 80% or above, and wish to receive CE credit:

Paying By Credit Card:
If you wish to use a Credit Card to pay for your Tutorial administrative fees, we are now offering a secure internet service via Paypal, a well known internet  provider ( for all of our Online Tutorial Courses. 

Simply click the appropriate button for the tutorial  you wish to receive CE credit for. Check your "shopping cart" order carefully- adding or deleting items before you proceed to check out. "Paypal" credit card payments are available for anyone although you will need to submit more information if you are a new user without an established "Paypal" account. 

Any Questions about Paypal??  Go to this Link or their HelpCenter


Click On A Tutorial: 
Each Tutorial = 1 CEU 


Each Tutorial = 2 CEU 


Each Tutorial = 3 CEU


No Credit Hours- 0 CEU

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