Compiled By Stephen M. Karesh, Ph.D.

Attention: Nuclear Medicine Technology Students and
Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Residents
preparing for Certification Examination:

Two separate practice examinations are now available (see chart below). There is no charge for you to copy and save these exams on your personal computer or to print them for your personal use. One of them contains approximately 350 questions of different formats divided into fourteen categories. The other has approximately 175 randomly mixed multiple-choice questions. There is minimal overlap in the 2 question sets. Since we feel that both sets of questions will be helpful to you in exam preparation, if you decide to purchase the answer key, you will receive answers to both sets of questions at no additional charge.

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Table of Contents
+500 Questions Now Available

Practice Examination # 1
~300 Questions

 Compiled By
Stephen M. Karesh, Ph.D.

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Practice Examination # 2
175 Questions

 Compiled By
Gary Eastman, CNMT

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Part 1. Physics of Nuclear Medicine

Part 2. Mathematical Problem Solving

Part 3. Statistics: Concepts and Problems

Part 4. Radionuclide Generators, Generator QC

Part 5. Radiopharmacy

Part 6. PET Radiopharmaceuticals

Part 7. Quality Control and Regulatory Issues

Part 8. In Vivo Non-Imaging Studies

Part 9. Mechanisms of Localization of Radiopharmaceuticals

Part 10. Radionuclide Therapy

Part 11. Radiation Dosimetry

Part 12. Computers in Nuclear Medicine

Part 13. Principles of Scintillation Detection

Part 14. SPECT and PET Imaging