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COURSES FOR PHYSICIANS:2015 Physicians, Fellows, Residents

Cardiologists CNMís 80-hr Basic Radioisotope Handling Course is designed for Physicians wishing to become Authorized Users on a Radioactive Materials License and meets the 80 hour requirement of Didactic Basic Science Lectures for NRC or State Licensure. If you are interested in taking the course, please give course director Dr. Stephen Karesh a call at 773 802-7617 to discuss the options. While this course is no longer held at a hotel or conference center, we can bring the course to your facility.

Radiology Residents / Nuclear Medicine Residents:  33rd Annual Review of  Radiation Physics.

If you are interested in private tutoring, or want to discuss registering for any of these seminars , please call Dr. Stephen Karesh at 773-802-7617




Preparing for the NMTCB, ARRT, ABR, or ABNM Board Certification Examination?

We offer a very comprehensive set of lecture notes on Nuclear Medicine Basic Science: ~ 300 pages containing ~ 2,000 Power Point Slides as well as a very comprehensive practice examination containing hundreds of questions with a very detailed answer key. Both were updated in July, 2014. They may be purchased individually or at a discount as a package deal. There is no charge to take our practice examination on Radiation Physics, Radiopharmacy and Basic Nuclear Medicine Science. A detailed answer key is available.

Lecture Notes
Practice Examination



45 hour Course: Meets Alternate Eligibility Requirements for NMTCB Nuclear Medicine Examination
Review for NMTCB Radiopharmacy, Radiation Safety, and Instrumentation

45 hour Course: Meets Alternate Eligibility Requirements for NMTCB PET Examination
Review for NMTCB Radiopharmacy, Radiation Safety, and Instrumentation

24 hour Course:
Radiopharmacy and Nuclear Medicine Physics: an Update

NMTCB accepts and ARRT approves of the new 45 hour course-
It is for any technologist who intends to achieve certification. 

Please note that the Alternate Eligibility Pathway disappears after 2015,
after which time enrollment in a Nuclear Medicine Technologistsí Training Program is required.

 If you want to discuss details and registering for any of these seminars , please call Dr. Stephen Karesh at 773-802-7617


ONLINE TUTORIALS:Available On-Line Courses for Continuing Education Credit for Nuclear Medicine and Radiology Technologists

Up to 41 Hours of VOICE (SNM) CE Credits, accepted by all 50 states
and all credentialing agencies (NMTCB, ARRT) 

Same-day service for CE Credit Certificate delivery by e-mail.

Tutorials are available in all 4 scopes required by California

There will soon be TWO QUIZ links at each tutorial depending on whether you specifically need the assigned credit hours

...or simply want to practice.

California Technologists Information

Catalog for Individual Links to 41 Hours of Online Tutorials 

If Quiz, Purchase or Registration Forms are ever seen to be not working, please contact the webmaster or to let us know. All of these forms can be printed and faxed to the Dr. Karesh at 773 304-2545, and get a prompt result.


A Comprehensive Review of the Current NRC Regulations in Parts 20 and 35 of the Code of Federal Regulations:

Cardiologists preparing for the CBNC Examination
Nuclear Medicine Program Directors
Nuclear Medicine Residents preparing for the ABNM Examinations
Nuclear Medicine Students preparing for the NMTCB/ARRT Examinations
Radiology Residents preparing for the ABR Examination
Radiology Technologists cross-training into Nuclear Medicine and preparing for the NMTCB



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We are a Chicago-based Group. All of our Consultants have advanced degrees and average at least 25 years of consulting experience. We offer a broad spectrum of general Nuclear Medicine Consulting Services, readily available, at a reasonable cost. 
The Most Commonly used services are outlined below:

Hot Lab design, layout, and equipment  selection

Mock inspections to insure compliance with regulatory requirements

Monthly on-site continuing education lectures (link to topics at left)

Preparation of FDA submissions for INDs

Nationally advertised Continuing Education Courses for physicians and technologists (link to review courses at left)

Acceptance testing of gamma cameras, including cardiac, SPECT and coincidence imaging

Consultation and performance testing services related to accreditation by the American College of Radiology

Consultation related to computer networking, and DICOM connectivity with other imaging modalities

Evaluation of Radiological Imaging Equipment and preparation for State Inspections

Custom designed software for special applications, e.g., Metastron Companion, Customized EKG Report Manager, Various Nuclear Medicine calculators, including RAIU (Thyroid Uptake Test), Schilling Test, Red Cell Mass/Plasma Volume.

CNM also sponsors several nationally advertised Nuclear Medicine Review Courses for technologists and physicians. In addition, as a service to the Nuclear Medicine community, we have included links to tutorials prepared by our consultants on a wide variety of subjects. There is also a link to a very comprehensive examination for NMT students or Nuclear Medicine or Radiology Residents preparing for their certification examination.
Please feel free to browse through these presentations at your leisure!
We would be happy to assist you with our consulting services!

Please don't hesitate to
Contact Us using the banner information.

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